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Released July 2, 2021
Sunbird Records
Re-released February 27th, 2023
01. aperture (03:23)
02. bitter end (03:38)
03. aperture [Trobe Remix] (05:32)


In late 2017, work was well underway on a second naut album and several tracks were in the demo phase, although it soon became apparent that the direction the tracks were heading in was not the desired one. A new approach was needed, so following a New Years Eve live set, the project was put on hiatus.

Mid-way through 2018 following a studio upgrade, some time out & a lot of perspective - work commenced for the first time in around 6 months on some new musical ideas. Lots of fragments of music were created in this time, including the percussive motif & melody to 'aperture' - a track idea that seemed fresh & exciting, and a great diving in point for a new record.


Many other ideas were recorded around this time, and towards the end of 2018 these ideas started to form the foundations of the first tracks from 'a digital ocean of colour'. 'aperture' went through a multitude of demo versions at this time, however it was not until 2021 that the track was complete.

naut came back off hiatus in 2019 as progress was underway on a second album. Reinstated again with Sunbird Records - lots of live work at the venue occurred during the creation of new music, giving the tracks the chance to be tested out in a live setting, then worked on further.

As 'aperture' was the first track recorded during the second album sessions, as well as the first track on the album - it was obvious that it should be the first single to be released, as well as the true start of the second album cycle.

'aperture' was released with a b-side 'bitter end', and a remix of the title track by 'Trobe' on July 2, 2021. A visual accompaniment was created for the track by Thomas Kaye. The Bandcamp version of the single features alternate 'bitter end' artwork, as well as an exclusive interlude 'bitter end (variant)'.


The single was well received, with a generous amount of airtime on Amazing Radio UK & USA, as well as a review by Acid Ted Blog.

Following the passing of Jonathan Lindley, owner of Sunbird Records, as well as the closing of the label's venue - naut turned to independant distribution & the single was re-released on February 27th, 2023, featuring alternate artwork to the 2021 version.

The 2023 YouTube visual for 'aperture' accidentally features 'latimer' - the original demo version of 'aperture' - as the audio.

naut, 2021
naut, 2021
'bitter end' artwork
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