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Released March 2 2021
01. parallelograms (02:30)

During downtime throughout the pandemic, Sunbird Records kept active by releasing live sets by bands & artists, filmed in high definition and released to the world through YouTube. The label also set up a weekly music release named 'New Tune Tuesdays'.

'parallelograms' is an track written early on during the sessions for the second naut album 'a digital ocean of colour'. Originally stretching out well over 5 minutes - it was trimmed down into an interlude-style track, though it was not planned for inclusion in the final album tracklist.

Sunbird Records were curious whether or not there would be any new music available for a New Tune Tuesday feature, and the timing lined up perfectly with the completion of this track, though it had been relegated to the out-takes folder.

Ultimately, the short piece serves as a small teaser for the second naut album cycle, which was carried on with the release of the 'aperture' single a few months later.



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