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Released June 6 2022 via SoundCloud
01. Sequence In (05:00)
02. One Groove (04:57)
03. Zip/R
es (08:21)

Make/Shift is a small EP of material created at very short notice, made especially for a live set at Bird inth' hand as part of Darwen Live on Saturday 4th June 2022.

In a break from working on second album material, a challenge was thrown down to craft a few special tracks for a one off gig at the venue, bridging the gap between a live set and a short DJ set. A day before the event was devoted to producing the tracks, then the live set on the day was their live debut, as well as the only time they have been played to date.

The 3 tracks are very roughly mixed, unmastered and remain in their original form from the live set. They were not going to be released initially, however upon their warm reception on the day of the live set, it seemed a shame to waste them.

The artwork was painted by Holly Riding.


'One Groove' received a moderate amount of airplay from Amazing Radio UK & USA.

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