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Moral Compass

01. Moral Compass (05:37)
02. The Deceiving Heart (04:09)
03. Kaleidoscope (03:58)
04. Half Moon (05:22)
05. Topaz (05:18)


Work begun in late 2015 on the follow up to 'X Marks The Spot', which was to be an EP entitled 'Moral Compass'. Tracks from the EP were debuted during live sets in late 2015 into early 2016, with ideas & arrangements from their live counterparts influencing the studio recordings. 

The 'Moral Compass' EP was to be the first naut music released on Belgian record label 'Hyphen Records', following a live slot supporting label owners 'Hermetic Electric' at Darwen's Number 39 Bar. Friendships were forged and plans to work together on international music distribution & tour dates were discussed.

In 2016, despite nearing completion - the EP was cancelled, with only it's unmixed form eventually becoming available on SoundCloud. Sadly, Hyphen Records closed it's doors, and the planned collaboration was not to be.

'Topaz' originally began as a remix of the Jonathan Lindley track 'Photon', before evolving into something original. A newer version of the track was debuted live in 2022.


Two of the tracks from the scrapped EP ultimately saw release in 2017 as part of the 'I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself' EP series, with 'Kaleidoscope' featuring on Side A, and 'Half Moon' on Side B.

Live in 2015
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