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I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself (Side A)

Released March 31, 2017
Sunbird Records
01. Kaleidoscope (03:34)
02. Minimalize (04:15)
03. Heavy Dreams (04:52)
04. Spaceagelove (05:10)
05. I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself (04:00)


I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself (Side B)

Released July 3, 2017
Sunbird Records
01. Are You Real? (01:22)
02. Half Moon (04:48)
03. Down By The Field (03:27)
04. Zero (04:27)
05. Technicolour [Spaceagelove Demo] (05:06)


In early 2017, work was finalized on the 'I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself' EPs, with each EP featuring 5 tracks from a batch of music worked on from late 2015 until 2017. Originally there were no plans for Side B to be released until it became apparent that some of the unreleased tracks from the first EP received a warm reception in live sets, and therefore should be released.

Side A was released in early 2017, and Side B followed four months later. Side A was mastered by Mattu, whereas Side B was self-mastered. Both EPs had launch party gigs at Sunbird Records, where they were distributed to audience members on USB sticks.

'Kaleidoscope' & 'Half Moon' are both reworked versions of tracks originally due for release on the 'Moral Compass' EP.

'Are You Real' originates from around 2008, and 'Heavy Dreams' is a remake of a track from the 'Gaze' EP, released when naut was operating as 'legohair' in 2013.

'Spaceagelove' started live as a rework/sequel track to 'On My Mind' from 'X Marks The Spot', before evolving into the track it is now. It shares a great deal of drum & percussion sounds with the track.

The title track is available in 2 different mixes depending on where it is streamed/purchased. Both mixes fall quite short of the original artistic intent, and the track itself is being reworked for the second naut album, where it will appear in a new form.

The artwork was designed & painted by Holly Riding, using epoxy resin paint.

Notable live shows to support the EPs included sets at The Beat-Herder Festival, Solfest, Moofest & Number 39 (Supporting Henge),

In 2024, following the liquidation of Sunbird Records, the EPs were re-released independently in a 10-track digital format consisting of both EPs together in a revised tracklisting.

Live in 2016
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