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Released November 9th, 2016
Sunbird Records
01. Kaleidoscope (03:34)
02. Palo Alto (05:34)


Following the shelving of the 'Moral Compass' EP as well as the dissolution of Hyphen Records, work resumed on new music for Sunbird Records - with a plan to take the previously existing demo of the track 'Kaleidoscope' & build a new EP around it.


The first taste of new music was the 'Kaleidoscope' single release in late 2016, featuring the titular track as well as b-side 'Palo Alto'. A video was in the works for the track, yet never fully materialised.


'Palo Alto' originates from a 2015 track created for inclusion on a compilation CD named 'Polaroid', which would be released by American record label 'Static Reason'. This involved the label supplying a bank of sampled sounds & recordings, which would then be manipulated and worked into an original composition. The track was completed & titled 'Fractal', however the 'Polaroid' compilation that was set to feature the track remains unreleased by Static Reason, and it seems the label has since ceased to operate.

Despite this, it seemed a shame for the track to gather dust, so it was worked on alongside the rest of the new EP material, and finally saw release as a b-side on the 'Kaleidoscope' single.

The single was an introduction to a more expansive sound which would be explored further on it's parent EP 'I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself (Side A)


The release was accompanied by a launch night gig at Sunbird Records.

Live at Moofest
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