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X Marks The Spot

Released March 31, 2015
Sunbird Records
01. As We Float On Ice (05:01)
02. Opal Eyes (04:04)
03. Emotioning (04:00)
04. Compelling (04:57)
05. Dark Days (05:39)
06. X Marks The Spot (09:29)
07. Motorway Nights (04:22)
08. On My Mind (04:04)
09. Lifted Linear (04:42)
10. Every Sky (04:24)
11. The Perfect Storm (05:07)
12. Sensitivity (06:30)
X Marks The Spot

Upon meeting Sunbird Records label founder Jonathan Lindley in late 2014 - it was agreed that naut (operating under the artist name 'legohair' at the time) would be signed to the label and provide an album the following year.


'X Marks The Spot' was released digitally, as well as on CD (100 copy run) at the end of March 2015, preceded by the 'Opal Eyes' single. The album consists of material worked on between 2013-2015 while still recording & releasing as 'legohair'.

The album artwork was created using a large quantity of alphabet letter sweets, arranged & photographed in Jonathan Lindley's flat. If you look closely you find the words 'Sunbird Records' on the album cover.

A video and single release was planned for the track 'Motorway Nights', however the video concept proved very difficult to film & was abandoned after multiple attempts.

A digital deluxe edition of the album was released on Bandcamp for the album's 5th anniversary. This includes the 2015 live set intro track 'Herald', as well as 3 previously unheard tracks: 'If Only', 'Snow Song' & 'The Eyes That Met' - album contenders that did not make it past the demo stage.

naut, 2015
'X Marks The Spot' Album Cover Shoot
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